Raymand Means WISE

The idea of establishing a knowledge-based SME was formed in 2009 and Afarinesh Rooyesh Raymand has been founded officially on April 24th of 2010. The goal of the team is to identify problems in industry and try to find their solution according to the knowledge and experience of its founders and managers.

Products of Raymand

Train Generators Intelligent Monitoring System

Monitoring 51 Important Parameters Of Generator

GPS and Intelligent MapGenerator User Control

Online Access 724

Various Data Mining and Reporting Types

Extendable To Full Duplex Systems

Electronic Profiles For Generators

Intelligent Jungle Protection System

Immediate Online Alarming

Temperature Map Providing and Analyzer System

Gathering and Management Of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Other Natural Parameters

Rescue Groups Optimize Management

Time Saving In Rescue Operations

Intelligent Control System for Transportation:

Safety and Speed Control


Time Saving In S.O.S

Anti Theft System

Automatic Logging System

Online Information System

Intelligent Parking and Warehouse Management System:

Automatic Logging of Car and Goods Transports

No Need To Speed Reduction Or Line of Sight

Transportation of Many Cars and Goods Simultaneously

Low Cost and High Accurate